What are Facebook Video Looper?

Facebook Video Looper is a tool that helps you create loop videos. A loop video is a short clip that plays over and over again in a continuous loop. It can be made from any kind of video content, like real-life footage, animation, or movies. Loop videos are commonly used in online ads and social media because they grab people’s attention and are very engaging.

Why Loop Video?

Looping videos are well-liked because they have a captivating and hypnotic effect, seamlessly blend video clips together, enhance the atmosphere in various settings, and are versatile for digital art and installations.

Loop Video Easily with Ssemble

Want to make a captivating video that repeats itself? Ssemble’s online Facebook Video Looper can help! Simply upload a video file and loop it as many times as you want. You can also choose a short clip, eliminate the rest, and make it repeat for as long as you’d like. Plus, you can easily convert it into a never-ending GIF for social media sharing. No video editing skills required! Create captivating videos with Ssemble’s Facebook Video Looper and keep your audience hooked. Don’t wait, try it today and share mesmerizing videos with your friends and followers!



How to loop your video

Facebook Video Looper Tutorial

  1. Upload video clips
    Click Upload menu > Upload the video file > Click it to add to the timeline
  2. Make a clip to repeat
    Use the trim and split tools to cut the rest of the clip and set the part to repeat.
  3. Copy & Paste
    Right click the clip you want to repeat. And then click the Copy button. And paste it as many times as you want to repeat.
  4. Download your video Click Export > Download your loop video



Ssemble's online Facebook Video Looper is a user-friendly platform that allows you to create looping videos for a variety of purposes. With our platform, you can create visually appealing videos that can be played on a loop, making them ideal for social media posts, advertisements, and digital art installations.

Yes, you can easily upload your own videos to the platform and incorporate them into your custom video.

Yes, you can easily download and share your loop video on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The length of your loop video depends on your plan and the specific requirements of the platform where you plan to share it. However, we recommend keeping your video between 5 and 15 seconds to ensure that it loops smoothly and does not become repetitive.

Ssemble provides a premium subscription that allows you to remove the Ssemble watermark. Looping and editing your video is completely free, and for a small fee, you can remove the watermark from all future projects. You can visit our pricing page to learn more.

Ssemble works with iPhone, Android, and other mobile devices. Simply open your mobile browser and navigate to Ssemble. On your phone, you can then begin editing and looping your video.

Absolutely! Ssemble includes a plethora of video editing tools that can be used to create stunning videos. You can crop, rotate, and resize your video for various social media platforms. Text, images, audio, and much more can be added!

I was hesitant to try yet another online video editor besides Adobe Premiere Pro, but Ssemble has proven to be the best one yet. The plugins are amazing and make the editing process so much smoother. Ssemble has become my go-to video editor!


I absolutely love Ssemble! As a freelance video editor, it has helped me increase my productivity tremendously. The plugins are amazing and make editing videos so much easier and faster. Highly recommend it!


Ssemble is a lifesaver! As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on video editing. With Ssemble, I can quickly and easily edit my videos and make them look professional. I love that it allows me to share the project with my coworker. And it's really easy to get feedbacks from them because of the comment feature.


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