Why Cut Mp3?

Cutting an MP3 file refers to the process of removing a portion of the audio file, either at the beginning, end, or middle. There are several reasons why someone might want to cut an MP3 file. For example, you may want to extract a specific section of a song to use as a ringtone or to create a shorter version of a longer audio recording. Additionally, cutting an MP3 file can also help to remove unwanted or unnecessary sections of the audio, such as silence or background noise. Overall, cutting an MP3 file is a useful tool for editing and manipulating audio files to suit specific needs or preferences.

Free MP3 Cutter Online

With Ssemble’s cutting-edge audio editing tool, you can effortlessly slice, divide, and refine your MP3 audio files online without the need for any software downloads. Within a few clicks, you’ll have a newly trimmed and polished audio track ready to download in mere minutes. Best of all, Ssemble’s online MP3 cutter is free and remarkably user-friendly. Get started now and take your audio editing to the next level with Ssemble.

How to Cut MP3 File


Upload Audio File

Click Upload menu > Audio tab. And click the Upload File button or drag and drop the audio file.


Add the Audio File

Click the Add button

ssemble cut trim delete audio

Edit the Audio File

You can cut, trim, delete, or move the audio item in the timeline. And you can adjust the volume of the audio item in the left panel as well.


Enhance Audio Quality

You can install the Audio Cleaner plugin, which enables speech enhancement and background noise reduction in your audio.



Ssemble's mp3 cutter is a web-based tool that allows you to trim or cut an MP3 audio file using a web browser. It enables you to remove unwanted sections of an audio file and create a new shorter version of the audio file.

Ssemble's mp3 cutter offers basic features such as trimming, cutting, and adjusting the volume of the MP3 file. If you explore the plugins store, you can access additional features such as fade-in and fade-out effects, normalization, and much more. (https://www.ssemble.com/plugins/)

Yes, Ssemble's mp3 cutter is an ideal tool for removing unwanted sections of a song or clip. For example, if you have a long podcast or lecture, you can use an mp3 cutter to trim it down to the most important parts.

Yes! You can upload any of your music files. Open the Upload menu at the top left. Then click the Upload file button and choose the file you want to upload.

AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, OPUS, and WAV are supported

Yes, you can adjust the volume level of an MP3 file using the volume slider available in the online MP3 cutter.


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