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Ssemble offers a comprehensive collection of plugins to empower you to create stunning videos.

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Powerful video editing features

You can trim, split, zoom in/out, rotate, loop, adjust, speed up, and slow down your video clips. Moreover, you can apply awesome transition effects and VFX to it.

Solid video editing features - Ssemble
Solid video editing features - Ssemble

Amazing plugins made just for Ssemble

Add new functionalities and power up your video editing skills with small but amazing plugins.

  • Background Remover - Ssemble

    Logo - Ssemble Background Remover

    You don’t have to learn other skills or waste time removing the background. Just click on the “Remove” button once.

  • Voice Creator - Ssemble

    Plugin Logo - Ssemble Voice Creator

    If you type what you want to say and choose the voice you want, natural dubbing is completed automatically.

  • Cloud Storage - Ssemble

    Drive image Cloud Storage

    Import your photos and videos easily with one click.

  • Epidemic Sound - Ssemble

    Image - Ssemble Epidemic Sound

    Royalty free music for your videos

Show your video project right away to get feedback

You no longer have to waste your time waiting for the long encoding process

Show your video project right away to get feedback - Ssemble
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