Overlay videos super easily!

Adding a video on a video can help you design your videos more creatively. Just add video on your videos directly. And you can do it all online-straight from your browser. No need to install apps that consume large storage spaces in your device.

How to overlay a photo to a video

Overlay videos Tutorial

  1. Upload video file Upload videos or photos that you want to use.
  2. Add video clips Choose a video or photo from the Upload section that you want to use.
  3. Add a new video layer click the video you want to overlay. Then a new video layer is added over the existing video clip in the timeline
  4. Export & Share Your Creation
    You’re all set to share your video with friends and followers. Simply click ‘Export,’ and your video will begin downloading. It’s that simple and quick!



You can create professional-looking videos with captions, titles, subtitles, or any other type of text overlay.

You can upload your video file to Ssemble, add the video and text, select the font, size, and color of the text, and then type in the text you want to appear on the video.

Unfortunately, ssemble app does not support uploading font file (OTF, TTF) now.

You can use all the fonts, text styles, and stickers provided in the ssemble app without worrying about copyrights! However,  when it comes to music, we provide music shared under the Creative Commons license. We cannot rule out the possibility of the original author arbitrarily changing the policy. For commercial use, it is recommended that you check the license scope and policy carefully on the audio source site. Tap the music of your liking on the music page, press the "Copy" button, and then paste it into a notepad to confirm the source.

I was hesitant to try yet another online video editor besides Adobe Premiere Pro, but Ssemble has proven to be the best one yet. The plugins are amazing and make the editing process so much smoother. Ssemble has become my go-to video editor!


I absolutely love Ssemble! As a freelance video editor, it has helped me increase my productivity tremendously. The plugins are amazing and make editing videos so much easier and faster. Highly recommend it!


Ssemble is a lifesaver! As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on video editing. With Ssemble, I can quickly and easily edit my videos and make them look professional. I love that it allows me to share the project with my coworker. And it's really easy to get feedbacks from them because of the comment feature.


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