Audio Speed Changer

Ssemble’s Audio Speed Changer is a tool that lets you change how fast or slow audio sounds in your videos. With this tool, you can speed up the audio to make it play faster or slow it down to make it sound slower. It’s helpful for a bunch of things. You can speed up audio to make things more energetic or slow it down to catch details better. If you’re making videos or recordings, Ssemble’s Audio Speed Changer helps you control the tempo of sound to match what you need, making your content sound just right.


How to Use Audio Speed Changer

Audio Speed Changer Tutorial

  1. Upload Audio File
    Click Upload menu > Upload the audio file > Click it to add to the timeline
  2. Change the speed of the audio
    Click the audio item. And at the left panel you can change its speed to 0.1x ~10x.
  3. Download your audio Click Export > Download your loop audio in mp3, wav, or any audio format.


Free Online Audio Speed Changer

If you’re looking to change the speed of your music, you can use Ssemble’s free audio speed changer. This online tool lets you speed up or slow down your audio quickly and easily without needing to download any apps. Everything happens right in your web browser.

To get started, just upload your audio, pick a speed from options like 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, or customize your speed, and then save your newly adjusted audio file. Even if you’re not experienced with audio editing, it’s simple to use.

Quick Speed Changes

Ssemble’s online audio speed changer makes adjusting audio speed a matter of seconds. You can switch between speeds in the audio settings, and your music’s speed changes right away. No need to wait for hours or minutes for the process to finish.

Edit Your Audio Clips

Besides changing speed, Ssemble lets you edit your audio clips. You can move around audio parts on the Timeline – either before or after adjusting their speed. Feel free to slot in other background music or voice recordings between clips to create a brand new track. You can even add sound effects and voiceovers.

Save in Your Preferred Format

Ssemble allows you to save your audio in the format you prefer, whether that’s MP3, WAV, or other common audio types. This audio editor doubles as a converter. Whatever format your original audio is in, you can save it in your chosen format. Just select your preferred format when exporting.


When To Slow Down the Audio

You should slow down the audio when you want to make it easier to understand what’s being said, like in podcasts or tutorials. Slowing down can also create a calm and relaxed mood in music, giving a nice vibe. If you need to emphasize certain parts of the audio, slowing it down can help listeners catch important details. Overall, slowing down the audio works well when you want to add clarity, create a specific atmosphere, or highlight specific points in your content.

When To Speed Up The Audio

Speeding up the audio is a good idea when you want to add energy and excitement to your content. For instance, in videos where you need to show a lot of action or movement, faster audio can match the pace and make things feel dynamic. Speeding up music can also make it more lively and engaging, which is great for upbeat scenes. Additionally, if you have longer recordings that you want to make shorter without losing important information, increasing the audio speed can help maintain the content while saving time. In short, speeding up the audio is useful when you want to inject a burst of energy, maintain rhythm, or make content more concise.



The Audio Speed Changer lets you make audio play faster or slower. You can adjust the pace of your music or sound recordings.

You upload your audio to the tool, choose a speed (like faster or slower), and then save the changed audio as a new file.

No, you don't need to download anything. It's an online tool, so you can use it directly in your web browser.

Yes, you can choose from preset speeds like 0.5x (slower) or 1.5x (faster), and you can also set a custom speed.

Absolutely, the tool is designed to be easy to use, even if you're not experienced with audio editing.

It's quick – the changes happen in seconds. You don't have to wait for a long time.

Yes, you can edit your audio clips. You can move them around on the timeline and even add other sounds or recordings.

You can save your audio in different formats like MP3 or WAV. The tool also works as an audio converter, so you can change the format if needed.

Yes, you can use it for both. It works with any kind of audio you want to adjust the speed of.

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