Add Logo To YouTube Video

Adding a logo to your video can help people recognize your brand and make your videos look more professional. It shows that you take your content seriously and can discourage others from using your videos without permission. Your logo acts like a small advertisement for your brand, reaching more people as your videos are shared. It also makes your content more consistent and trustworthy, helping viewers remember and trust your brand. A logo sets you apart from others and can be especially useful if you’re working with others or promoting something new. Overall, a logo adds a personal touch to your videos and helps people remember and connect with your brand.


Add Logo To YouTube Video with Ssemble, All Online

Upload your video and as many images as you like in a few clicks. Resize, crop, rotate, rearrange, and edit your images to your liking. You can even add logos, watermarks, or any image that suits your video. Ssemble’s intuitive interface allows you to precisely move and place your image using snapping lines and pixel-perfect movement with your arrow keys. Try Ssemble’s free video editor now and make your videos more visually appealing!

How to Add Logo To YouTube Video

Add Logo To YouTube Video Tutorial Step 1

Upload Photo
Upload the photo files you would like to edit in the Upload menu. You can either click the “Upload File” button or drag & drop it

Add Logo To YouTube Video Tutorial Step 2

Add Logo Image

Then, simply click the image to add

Add Logo To YouTube Video Tutorial Step 3

Edit Logo in Canvas

After you add the logo, you can change its position, size, and rotation. Or you can add plugins like Background Remover to delete the background from the logo image.

Add Logo To YouTube Video Tutorial Step 4


Click the Export button. And once the export process is completed, you can download the video file.



The "Add Logo To YouTube Video" feature in Ssemble allows you to add one or more images to your video project, either as a separate image or as an overlay on the video.

Yes, the "Add Logo To YouTube Video" feature is very easy to use in Ssemble. Simply upload your photo(s), select the location where you want to add them, and adjust the size, duration, and position as desired.

Yes, you can add multiple photos to your video project using Ssemble's "Add Logo To YouTube Video" feature. You can arrange them in the desired order, adjust their duration and position, and add effects or transitions as desired.

Yes, you can adjust the transparency of the added photo(s) in Ssemble to create different visual effects. You can use the editor's transparency or opacity settings to make the added photo(s) more or less visible.

Yes, the "Add Logo To YouTube Video" feature is completely free to use in Ssemble.

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