Are you constantly talking about video editing and the magic of transforming long videos into engaging, bite-sized content? If so, it’s time to leverage your passion and expertise with the Ssemble Pro Affiliate Partner Program.

How does Ssemble Affiliate Program work?

As an affiliate partner, you have a golden opportunity to earn revenue by promoting Ssemble’s cutting-edge vShorts Maker feature. Here’s what you can earn for every new Ssemble Pro subscriber who signs up using your unique referral link.

You can access the application form here and get your unique referral link.

For every new referral, you bring into Ssemble Pro,

  • Monthly: you can earn a 30% commission on the first 6 months of their subscription (up to $30 * 30% * 6 months = $54)
  • Yearly: 30% on the first year ($288 * 30% = $86.4)

Transform your passion for video editing into a rewarding endeavor today. Get started with our quick-start guide to set up and begin earning!

What Is Ssemble?

Ssemble transforms the landscape of video editing with its user-friendly and intuitive online platform, now featuring an innovative Shorts Maker tool. Designed for creators who aim to captivate and expand their audience, Ssemble’s Shorts Maker simplifies the process of creating engaging shorts from your existing YouTube videos. Whether you’re a seasoned video editor or new to the visual storytelling scene, Ssemble equips you with everything needed to effortlessly turn longer videos into short, viral content.


Ssemble Pro Features that Encourage Subscription

ssemble pricing
ssemble pricing
  1. 300 upload minutes / 3,600 upload minutes for Shorts Maker: Pro users have the advantage of creating more videos as shorts. Monthly subscribers receive 300 minutes of credits each month, while annual subscribers are allotted 3,600 minutes of credits each year. In contrast, free users are given a one-time credit of 60 minutes.
  2. Unlimited Projects: The ability to initiate and manage an unlimited number of projects is a huge step up from the Free plan’s single project limit. This gives users the flexibility to work on diverse video projects simultaneously, which is essential for businesses, digital agencies, or freelancers with various ongoing video needs. No longer having to worry about project limits allows users to focus more on their creative processes.
  3. Higher Export Quality: The Pro plan offers exports in 1080p quality, a significant improvement over the Free plan’s 720p. This results in clearer, sharper video content that can make a professional impression, critical for businesses and creators who care about their brand image. High-quality content can significantly impact viewer engagement and satisfaction.

Great ways to promote as a Ssemble Pro partner

But, if you’re new to affiliate marketing (or, you just need some fresh new ideas!) you might be wondering about the best way to promote Ssemble to maximize sign-ups. The good news is, there’s an array of different platforms and strategies you can utilize to do so!

From blogging and email marketing to social media and YouTube, each platform has its own unique opportunities to drive affiliate sales—some of which you may not have even thought of! It’s all about thinking outside-the-box and venturing outside the status quo.

Read on for 16 creative ways to promote Ssemble Pro as an affiliate partner.

Promoting Ssemble on YouTube

With an active user base exceeding 2 billion every month, YouTube offers a wide range of opportunities for demonstrating the value of effective video editing. It’s a platform where you can connect with your audience through video blogs or direct-to-camera videos, fostering a sense of trust before they opt for any recommended products.

However, because YouTube itself provides monetization avenues, it’s careful about the placement of affiliate links. Here are some tips for safe affiliate link placements to encourage sign-ups.

Strategy #1: Embed it in your video description:

youtube descripiton

If you’ve discussed Ssemble in your video, it’s vital to add your affiliate link in the video description. So, if viewers seek additional information after watching your video, they’ll find your link easily.

Strategy #2: Include it in your channel description:

Your affiliate link can also be added to the description of your channel. This appears in the ‘about’ section of your profile and on the banner above your videos.

Strategy #3: Share it in the comments

Another effective location for your affiliate link is the comment section of your videos. You can make a comment on your video, pinning it for viewers to see. Be sure to track the comments from your audience, so you can provide your link where it’s relevant and genuinely useful.

Strategy #4: Utilize SEO effectively

Did you know that Google owns YouTube? With appropriate SEO (search engine optimization), your content can be discovered by users on both YouTube and Google. If you’ve mentioned Ssemble in a helpful video, ensure it has an engaging title that users are likely to search on Google.

Promoting Ssemble on Your Blog

A blog or an online publication is an ideal platform for promoting Ssemble. The long-form structure of a blog provides ample space to discuss why you appreciate our video editing tools.

Blogs typically offer a less distracting environment than social media platforms. Your content doesn’t have to compete with others’ – readers are there specifically for your content. This focused attention can lead to increased conversions.

Strategy #5: Craft ‘content marketing’ blog posts

Promoting Ssemble in your blog posts isn’t about hard selling. It’s about content marketing—offering genuinely useful content that illustrates how Ssemble can benefit the readers.

Be it a how-to guide on video creation or a listicle on video editing tips for non-editors, embed your Ssemble affiliate link in a way that feels natural and seamless. When your readers trust your recommendation, they’re more likely to take it!

Strategy #6: Reverse engineer your SEO

Employ keyword research tools like SEMRush or Keywords Everywhere to find hot topic ideas related to video editing or entrepreneurship that people are actively searching for.

Strategy #7: Feature Ssemble in a directory

Your blog posts are not the only place on your website where you can add your Ssemble affiliate link! A resources and tools directory page featuring useful product recommendations— including Ssemble—is another great option!

Strategy #8: Display a banner in your header or sidebar

Promote Ssemble in areas of your site that see the most traffic. This could be the sidebar on all blog pages or a pop-up on your homepage. Locate the suitable display ad type in your Impact Dashboard and embed the code into your website.

Inside the ‘ad types’ section on your Impact dashboard, you’ll see a range of different types of creative assets. Horizontal ads like the below tend to work best for the banner at the top or bottom of your website.

Animated ads like the below can work well in pop-up ads on your website.

Promoting Ssemble on Social Media

You don’t need to be active on all social media platforms to earn significant income as a Ssemble affiliate. The key is to consistently create strategic and valuable content on platforms where you already have an engaged social media following. Here are some ways you can leverage the unique features of various platforms for promotion.

Strategy #9: Offer value in Facebook groups

With over 2.7 billion users, Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform. Remember its roots as a platform for connection and community. Instead of just posting promotional content on your Facebook page, share genuinely helpful information in Facebook groups. For instance, if someone in a business group is seeking a straightforward video editing tool, you could suggest Ssemble and include your affiliate link.

Promoting Ssemble on Instagram

Instagram’s focus on images and videos makes it a suitable platform for showcasing the impressive video edits that Ssemble can create. But making an impact on this visually saturated platform requires strategic steps.

Strategy #17: Make use of Instagram Stories and Highlights

Instagram Stories have emerged as a popular and effective way to engage followers. Use Stories to share quick tips, techniques, or show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how you create an edit using Ssemble. Plus, you can use the Instagram Highlights feature to permanently archive these Stories on your profile.

Strategy #18: IGTV and Reels for more in-depth content

Longer-form content is gaining traction on Instagram with IGTV and Reels. These Instagram sub-platforms allow you to share more detailed video editing tutorials or show the transformation process from a raw video clip to a refined edit using Ssemble.

Strategy #19: Instagram Ads

If you have an advertising budget, Instagram Ads can be an effective method to reach a larger audience. You can promote posts where you’ve discussed or demonstrated Ssemble and include your affiliate link in the caption or as a swipe-up link in Instagram Stories Ads.

Strategy #20: Cross-promote on other platforms

If you have followers on other social media platforms, make sure to cross-promote your Instagram posts where you’ve mentioned Ssemble. This could involve sharing a link to your post in a tweet or a Facebook post.

Promoting Ssemble on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a platform predominantly focused on professional networking and career development, but it can also serve as a great space to promote a professional video editing tool like Ssemble.

Strategy #21: Share valuable content

LinkedIn is a platform where users often search for valuable insights and professional development tips. Therefore, sharing informative content about video editing or digital marketing using Ssemble can capture the interest of your LinkedIn connections.

Strategy #22: Leverage LinkedIn articles

LinkedIn Articles can be used to write more detailed pieces about topics related to video editing. In these articles, you can subtly promote Ssemble and provide your affiliate link. As these articles can be shared and can appear in your connections’ feeds, they can help you reach a wider audience.

Strategy #23: Utilize LinkedIn Slideshare

LinkedIn Slideshare is a fantastic platform for sharing presentations, infographics, and other forms of slide-based content. You can create slides about the features of Ssemble or a tutorial on how to use it, and then embed your affiliate link in the slides.

Strategy #24: Participate in relevant groups

LinkedIn has numerous groups dedicated to topics like video editing, digital marketing, content creation, and more. Engaging actively in these groups and contributing valuable insights can help build your reputation. You can subtly promote Ssemble in your comments and discussions where relevant.

Promoting Ssemble via Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective and direct communication channels with your audience. Here are a couple of ways to promote Ssemble in your emails.

Strategy #25: Incorporate in newsletters

If you monetize newsletter to your email subscribers regularly, consider adding a section where you discuss the video editing tool. Highlight how Ssemble has enhanced your video editing process and provide your affiliate link for those Advertising Ssemble on TikTok

Promotion strategy #26: Advertising Ssemble on TikTok

TikTok’s rapidly growing platform is an excellent place for promoting Ssemble. It’s easy to produce content, and the app’s user-friendly nature can contribute to potential viral growth. Here are some ideas on how to utilize TikTok for promotion:

Promotion strategy #27: Create TikTok tutorials

With TikTok’s short-form video format, you can produce quick and straightforward tutorials showing how to use Ssemble. Make them entertaining and engaging to catch users’ attention and encourage them to use your affiliate link.

Promotion strategy #28: Start a video editing challenge

TikTok thrives on trending challenges. Consider starting a video editing challenge where participants use Ssemble. The participants, as well as their audience, will learn about the tool and potentially use your affiliate link.

Promotion strategy #29: Collaborate with influencers

Consider partnering with TikTok influencers who could use Ssemble in their content. Their followers can learn about the tool, and if the influencer uses your affiliate link, it could lead to a significant increase in sign-ups.

Promoting Ssemble through Podcasts

Podcasts offer a unique way to connect with your audience, providing value while subtly promoting Ssemble. Here’s how:

Promotion strategy #30: Discuss Ssemble in episodes

If your podcast is about video editing, digital marketing, or entrepreneurship, naturally weave Ssemble into your conversation. Discuss its features, benefits, and provide your affiliate link in the episode description.

Promotion strategy #31: Invite guests who use Ssemble

Having guests who are avid Ssemble users can provide valuable firsthand experiences about the tool. This can be an effective way of promoting your affiliate link as they can vouch for the utility of Ssemble.

Promotion strategy #32: Advertise Ssemble in ad spots

If your podcast has an ad segment, consider promoting Ssemble. This can be an excellent opportunity to talk about the video editing tool and share your affiliate link with the listeners.

Advertising Ssemble on Pinterest

Pinterest can be an effective platform to promote Ssemble due to its visual appeal and categorization capabilities.

Promotion strategy #33: Create infographics

You can design infographics that detail the features and benefits of Ssemble. These pins can then link back to your blog or YouTube channel where you can provide your affiliate link.

Promotion strategy #34: Leverage Pinterest SEO

Just like Google, Pinterest is a search engine. By using relevant keywords in your pins’ descriptions, more people are likely to find your content. Make sure to use keywords that potential Ssemble users might search for.

Promotion strategy #35: Use Promoted Pins

If you have a marketing budget, consider using Promoted Pins to reach a wider audience. These ads can link directly to your content where your affiliate link is displayed.

By leveraging these strategies on various platforms, you have the opportunity to connect with a diverse audience and encourage them to use Ssemble. Experiment with different methods and platforms to see what works best for your audience. Start promoting Ssemble today and turn your love for video editing into a profitable business. Always remember to follow any affiliate marketing rules and maintain transparency about your affiliate links.


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For every new referral, you bring into Ssemble Pro, - Monthly: you can earn a 30% commission on the first 6 months of their subscription (up to $30 * 30% * 6 months = $54) - Yearly: 30% on the first year ($288 * 30% = $86.4)

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