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Introducing Ssemble, a new online video editor that will change the way you make videos. Created specifically for content creators, Ssemble provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for making great-quality videos.

What sets Ssemble apart is its integration with two powerful plugins – the ChatGPT Script Writer and the Script to Video Plugin. These plugins utilize state-of-the-art AI technology, bridging the gap between idea and execution, and allowing creators to efficiently generate and edit videos in a single platform.

The ChatGPT Script Writer Plugin is your go-to tool for generating video scripts. With it, you simply input your desired topic, and our advanced AI does the rest. It crafts an engaging and comprehensive script that fully captures your vision, taking your ideas from a simple concept to a fully-fledged script.

The second tool in Ssemble’s repertoire is the Script to Video Plugin. This tool brings your AI-generated scripts to life, converting your written words into a complete video project. It composes your video from a vast library of relevant stock videos or images, adds subtitles for accessibility, and overlays an AI-generated voiceover for a polished, professional finish.

The smooth interaction between these two tools in Ssemble makes video creation faster and easier. Now, you can easily switch from writing a script to editing a video all in one place.

Try out Ssemble and its ChatGPT Script Writer and Script to Video plugins to see how they can enhance your video content creation. Improve productivity without sacrificing quality.

How to Make Video with Auto Video Editor

Auto Video Editor Tutorial

  1. Enter the topicAfter adding the ChatGPT Script Writer plugin, enter the topic you want. (e.g. how to get rid of acne)
  2. Generate scriptOnce you’ve entered your topic, click the “Generate” button to see the completed script. If the
    script is not satisfactory, click the Back button to regenerate it.
  3. Convert the script to videoTo turn your script into a video, click the “Script To Video” button. This will automatically add and open the Script To Video plugin. Your script, generated by Chat GPT, will be automatically entered into the plugin.
  4. Generate your videoIf you want to make changes to the script, you can modify it to your liking. Once you’re happy with the content, click the “Generate video” button to create your project. The plugin will add video or image, voiceover, and subtitles to your project to match the content of your script.



The ChatGPT Script Writer Plugin is a tool that allows you to generate full video scripts by simply entering your desired topic. The plugin uses state-of-the-art AI technology to create comprehensive and engaging scripts that bring your ideas to life.

The Script to Video Plugin is a tool that enables you to convert your written script into a ready-to-publish video project. The plugin transforms a video script into a video project composed of relevant stock videos or images, subtitles, and an AI-generated voiceover for a polished and professional result.

To create a video using the Auto Video Editor, follow these steps: a. Add the ChatGPT Script Writer plugin and enter your desired topic. b. Click "Generate" to create a script. If unsatisfied with the result, click "Back" to regenerate it. c. Click "Script To Video" to automatically add and open the Script To Video plugin, which will import the generated script. d. Make any desired changes to the script. e. Click "Generate video" to create your project. The plugin will add video or image content, voiceover, and subtitles to match your script.

Yes, you can modify the generated script to your liking before clicking "Generate video" to create your project.

The Script to Video Plugin adds relevant stock videos or images, subtitles, and an AI-generated voiceover to match the content of your script, ensuring a polished and professional result.

Yes, the Auto Video Editor is designed for users of all skill levels, including beginners. The intuitive interface and AI-driven features make it easy for anyone to create professional-quality videos without prior experience.

The Auto Video Editor streamlines the video creation process by automating tasks such as scriptwriting, sourcing relevant stock footage, and generating voiceovers. This allows users to focus on their creative vision while the AI handles time-consuming tasks.

The Auto Video Editor is versatile and can be used for various types of content, including educational videos, tutorials, promotional videos, product demonstrations, and more. The generated script and video content will depend on the topic you input.

You will be able to adjust options like gender, age, and tonality to better match your desired style and target audience.

Yes, Ssemble's Auto Video Editor allows users to replace the generated clips with their own videos or photos. This feature enables you to customize your video project further and incorporate personal or branded content to make your video unique and tailored to your needs.

I was hesitant to try yet another online video editor besides Adobe Premiere Pro, but Ssemble has proven to be the best one yet. The plugins are amazing and make the editing process so much smoother. Ssemble has become my go-to video editor!


I absolutely love Ssemble! As a freelance video editor, it has helped me increase my productivity tremendously. The plugins are amazing and make editing videos so much easier and faster. Highly recommend it!


Ssemble is a lifesaver! As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on video editing. With Ssemble, I can quickly and easily edit my videos and make them look professional. I love that it allows me to share the project with my coworker. And it's really easy to get feedbacks from them because of the comment feature.


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