Are you frustrated when there are no subtitles in the videos you watch? Do you want to add subtitles to your own videos but don’t know how? Look no further than Ssemble, a simple tool that makes adding subtitles to your videos easy. In this detailed guide, we will explain the entire process of adding subtitles to your videos using Ssemble. From beginning to end, we have all the information you need.

Add Subtitles to AVI with Ssemble

Ssemble is a useful tool for editing videos that allows you to include captions in your videos. This feature makes your videos easier for people to understand and enjoy, regardless of their hearing abilities. Whether you’re making videos for work, personal use, or sharing on social media, adding captions is a smart way to make your content more accessible and reach a larger audience.

In this tutorial, we will explain how to use Ssemble to add subtitles to your videos. We will guide you through the entire process, from uploading your video to Ssemble, to editing and adding subtitles, and finally exporting the finished product. By the end of this tutorial, you will become skilled at adding subtitles to your videos with Ssemble.

The Benefits of Adding Subtitles to Your Videos

Adding subtitles to your videos has several advantages, such as:

  1. Improved accessibility: Subtitles make your videos accessible to a wider audience, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  2. Better understanding: Subtitles help viewers better understand the dialogue in your videos, especially if there are accents or other factors that may make it difficult to understand.
  3. Increased engagement: Subtitles can help keep viewers engaged with your videos, as they can follow along with the dialogue more easily.
  4. Better SEO: Adding subtitles to your videos can improve your SEO, as search engines can crawl the text of your subtitles to understand the content of your video.

How to add a subtitles

Add Subtitles to AVI Tutorial Step 1

Open the Subtitle menu Click the subtitle menu button. Then, click the “Add Subtitle” button. When the caption entry box appears, type the content of the caption you want to add to the video.

Add Subtitles to AVI Tutorial Step 2

Design subtitlesClick the Style tab to change the font, color, border, background color, etc. to the style you want.

Add Subtitles to AVI Tutorial Step 3

Automatically add subtitles If you want to add subtitles automatically, add the Auto Subtitle plugin. And then click the subtitle menu button. Then, click the “Add Subtitle” button. Then it analyzes the speech of the entire video clip and then adds subtitles automatically. You can then modify its styles.


Common Mistakes to Avoid when adding subtitles to your videos

  1. Not timing your subtitles correctly. If your subtitles appear too early or too late, they can be distracting and difficult to follow.
  2. Using incorrect grammar or spelling in your subtitles. Make sure to review and edit your subtitles for errors.
  3. Using fonts or colors that are difficult to read. Stick to simple, easy-to-read fonts and colors.
  4. Overusing subtitles. Avoid adding too many subtitles, as this can make your video feel cluttered and overwhelming.
  5. Neglecting to preview your video with subtitles before exporting it. Always make sure to review your video with subtitles to ensure everything looks and sounds the way you want it to.


Adding subtitles to your videos can make them easier to understand and reach a larger group of people. Ssemble offers a simple way to add subtitles to your videos quickly. Whether you want to type the subtitles yourself or use Ssemble’s speech recognition technology, we have everything you need. You can also customize the subtitles and choose how to export them. Ssemble is the best tool for adding subtitles to your videos.

Why wait any longer? Join Ssemble now and begin adding subtitles to your videos today!


Ssemble's speech recognition technology is highly accurate, but it's always a good idea to review and edit your subtitles to ensure they're error-free.

Yes, Ssemble offers a range of customization options to help you make your subtitles stand out. You can customize the font, color, position, background, and size of your subtitles.

Yes, you can upload multiple videos to Ssemble at once by selecting them all at the same time.

Yes, Ssemble offers collaboration features that allow you to invite others to watch or add comments on a project with you.

Yes, Ssemble supports a wide range of languages for adding subtitles to your videos.

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