Hi, I’m Eric Lee, CEO and Founder of Ssemble Inc. In this article, I want to share how I came up with the product idea of Ssemble.


Video content has become increasingly popular across various platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram. However, the process of video editing and collaboration has been challenging and time-consuming. Inspired by the success of design tools like Canva and Figma, and recognizing the difficulty of using Adobe Premiere for video editing and collaboration, I conceived the product idea of Ssemble, a collaborative video editor that simplifies the video editing process and enhances teamwork.

Investigating Canva and Figma

During my exploration of design tools like Canva and Figma, I was impressed by their intuitive interfaces, user-friendly features, and the ability to collaborate seamlessly. These platforms revolutionized design, making it accessible to both professionals and amateurs alike. This got me thinking: “Why isn’t there a similar tool for video editing?”

The Challenge of Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere, the industry-standard video editing software, offers a vast array of powerful features. However, its complex interface and steep learning curve make it challenging for beginners and non-professionals to navigate. Furthermore, Adobe Premiere lacks comprehensive collaboration features, hindering effective teamwork on video projects.

The Solution: Ssemble – Easy Video Editing and Collaboration

To address the shortcomings of existing video editing tools, I envisioned Ssemble, a web-based platform that simplifies video editing and promotes collaboration. Ssemble is designed to be user-friendly, accessible to both professionals and novices, and fosters a collaborative environment.

Easy Video Editing with a Range of Plugins

Ssemble incorporates a plethora of plugins to enhance the video editing process. These plugins provide users with easy access to resources and automate various tasks.

Some notable plugins include:

1-1. Plugins for Adding Resources:

Ssemble integrates with popular platforms such as Epidemic Sound (BGM), Freesound (SFX), and Pexels (stock videos/photos). This allows users to effortlessly incorporate high-quality audio and visuals into their videos.

1-2. Plugins for Automating Processes:

To streamline the editing workflow, Ssemble offers plugins like ChatGPT Script Writer, Script to Video, Audio Cleaner, Auto Subtitle, Voice Creator, and AI Avatar Video Creator (D-ID). These tools automate tedious tasks, such as generating scripts, cleaning audio, adding subtitles, and translating text, saving users valuable time and effort.

Easy Collaboration with Sharing and Commenting Features

Collaboration lies at the core of Ssemble’s functionality. Users can easily share their projects with team members or clients, granting them access to view and edit the videos just like in Canva or Figma.
Furthermore, Ssemble provides a commenting feature, allowing collaborators to leave feedback, suggestions, and annotations directly on the timeline. This fosters effective communication and streamlines the iterative process of refining video content.


The concept of Ssemble, a collaborative video editor, arose from my investigation into successful design tools like Canva and Figma, coupled with the recognition of the challenges posed by Adobe Premiere for video editing and collaboration. By combining user-friendly features, an ecosystem of plugins for easy editing, and comprehensive collaboration functionalities, Ssemble aims to revolutionize the video editing landscape, making it accessible to all while promoting efficient teamwork.

Written by
Eric Lee