Transcribe Zoom Meeting to Text Online

Ssemble allows you to easily transcribe your YouTube videos online. You can transcribe your videos directly in your web browser with little effort and cost. You can create text transcriptions or add subtitles to your videos with a single click. Ssemble’s automatic speech-to-text conversion makes transcribing and translating your video into over 100 languages simple. All of this is done automatically. You can save your YouTube video transcript as a text file for accurate video-to-text transcription. After transcribing, you can use Ssemble’s other editing options. Please note that downloading transcription files is a feature for premium subscribers. For more details, check our pricing page.

How to Transcribe Zoom Meeting to Text

Transcribe Zoom Meeting to Text Tutorial Step 1

Add videos and the auto subtitle plugin

First, add the desired YouTube video or audio to the timeline. Then, install the auto subtitle plugin from the project’s plugin menu. Click on the subtitle menu button and then click on the Auto subtitle generator button.

Transcribe Zoom Meeting to Text Tutorial Step 2

Select the language

Select your desired language and click on the generate button.

Transcribe Zoom Meeting to Text Tutorial Step 3

Edit the details

When you click on the generate button, the subtitles will be automatically created by recognizing the audio of the entire clip at the bottom of the timeline. Check the generated subtitles and make any necessary edits to the details.

Transcribe Zoom Meeting to Text Tutorial Step 4

Download SRT, VTT, TXT files

Once you finish editing the subtitles, you can download the subtitles as a SRT, VTT, or TXT file.


Boost your YouTube SEO with Transcription

By including text captions or subtitles on your YouTube video using Ssemble, you can improve its chances of being found on Google and other search engines. The added text helps increase your search rankings and attract more clicks, which can make your video more visible in search results.

Make your Education Video More Accessible

Text transcripts are very useful for creating educational materials. They can be a solid starting point for teaching and learning resources, especially for studying spoken conversations or acquiring foreign languages. Text transcripts offer a wide range of opportunities for further learning.

Perfect for Podcasts

In the world of podcasts, having a written record of the podcast’s content, known as a text transcript, is very useful. It not only allows listeners and users to search for specific keywords and topics, but also enables them to easily go back to important moments in the podcast and find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of Transcribing YouTube Video with Ssemble

There are several advantages of using Ssemble for converting your video content into written text. Here are some of them:

  1. Time-Saving: With Ssemble, you can transcribe your video content in a matter of minutes, saving you hours of time that you can spend on other important tasks.
  2. Cost-Effective: Hiring a professional transcriber can be quite expensive, but with Ssemble, you can transcribe your content at a fraction of the cost.
  3. Accurate: Ssemble uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe your content accurately, with an accuracy rate of over 90%.
  4. User-Friendly: Ssemble is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that makes transcribing your video content a breeze.


Yes, Ssemble can transcribe any type of video file as long as it is in a supported format.

Ssemble uses advanced speech recognition technology to transcribe videos, which results in accurate transcriptions most of the time. However, the accuracy of the transcription can depend on several factors such as the quality of the audio, the speaker's accent, and background noise.

Yes, you can edit your transcription at any time with Ssemble's easy-to-use editing tools. Simply open the Subtitle menu in the Ssemble editor and make your desired changes.

Yes, Ssemble offers a translation plugin that allows you to translate your transcription into different languages. This is useful if you want to reach a wider audience or if you have viewers who speak a different language.

I was hesitant to try yet another online video editor besides Adobe Premiere Pro, but Ssemble has proven to be the best one yet. The plugins are amazing and make the editing process so much smoother. Ssemble has become my go-to video editor!


I absolutely love Ssemble! As a freelance video editor, it has helped me increase my productivity tremendously. The plugins are amazing and make editing videos so much easier and faster. Highly recommend it!


Ssemble is a lifesaver! As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on video editing. With Ssemble, I can quickly and easily edit my videos and make them look professional. I love that it allows me to share the project with my coworker. And it's really easy to get feedbacks from them because of the comment feature.


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