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With Ssemble, you can easily crop your video files online, whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, Windows, or Mac. Our free online video editing tool allows you to cut and crop your videos without the need to download any software. Resize your videos to fit any social media platform, including YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and more. Simply click on ‘Canvas size’ at the left upper corner and you can automatically crop your video for social media. Crop your Zoom videos, iMovie videos, Premiere videos, and more with Ssemble’s pro video cropper tool, making video cropping a breeze. Instantly crop to square (1:1), YouTube (16:9), TikTok (9:16), and various other formats.

How to Crop MP4

Crop MP4 Tutorial Step 1

Upload Your Video

Easily upload your video by selecting it from your computer or mobile device. You can either drag & drop the file or use the traditional method.

Crop MP4 Tutorial Step 2

Choose Canvas Size

From top left corner, choose canvas size you want (YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram).

Crop MP4 Tutorial Step 3

Crop Your Video

If you wanna crop the video file itself in the canvas, just double-click on the video and drag the corners.

Crop MP4 Tutorial Step 4

Export & Share Your Creation
You’re all set to share your video with friends and followers. Simply click ‘Export,’ and your video will begin downloading. It’s that simple and quick!



To crop your video using Ssemble, start by uploading your video file. You can either drag and drop the file or use the traditional upload button. After the video is uploaded, you can adjust the cropping area by double-clicking on the video and dragging the corners to select the desired portion.

Yes, you can. Ssemble provides preset canvas sizes for various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and more. Just go to the 'Settings' menu and choose the appropriate preset (e.g., 'YouTube' or 'Instagram Stories') for automatic cropping.

While Ssemble offers preset canvas sizes, you can choose the custom Canvas size. And then you can put the pixels value for width and height.

Yes, you can Crop MP4s to different aspect ratios. Ssemble supports various aspect ratios including square (1:1), landscape (16:9), portrait (9:16), and more. You can choose the desired aspect ratio when cropping your video.

No, you don't need to download any software. Ssemble's video cropping tool is accessible online. You can use it directly from your web browser on various devices including iPhones, Android phones, Windows computers, and Macs.

Ssemble supports a variety of common video formats. You can upload videos in formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, and more. If you're unsure about a specific format, you can check Ssemble's supported formats list.

Once you're satisfied with your cropped video, click on the 'Export' button. This will initiate the process of generating and downloading the edited video. You can then easily share your creation with friends and followers on various platforms.

I was hesitant to try yet another online video editor besides Adobe Premiere Pro, but Ssemble has proven to be the best one yet. The plugins are amazing and make the editing process so much smoother. Ssemble has become my go-to video editor!


I absolutely love Ssemble! As a freelance video editor, it has helped me increase my productivity tremendously. The plugins are amazing and make editing videos so much easier and faster. Highly recommend it!


Ssemble is a lifesaver! As a small business owner, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on video editing. With Ssemble, I can quickly and easily edit my videos and make them look professional. I love that it allows me to share the project with my coworker. And it's really easy to get feedbacks from them because of the comment feature.


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