100K royalty free background music

Add music to video. Great music makes your video more engaging. With ssemble, you can easily find and use wonderful music, for free! ssemble has collected Creative Commons licensed songs so you don’t have to worry about the copyright issue. Use 100k+ songs and tracks loved by popular YouTubers. Just listen & choose!

how to add music to a video

Add Music To Video

  1. Open music pageTap the ‘Audio’ button below. Then tap the ‘Music’ button.
  2. Choose musicBrowse and choose the music you would like to add to your video. You can add the music you want to use most often to your favorites by continuously pressing. You can easily choose when your music starts and ends, using the trimming bar.
  3. Add music to videoIf you found the track you wanted, tap the “Add” button below and check out the green music items added to the timeline. You can remove the video’s current audio by adjusting the volume slider.



In a nutshell, Royalty Free Music refers to a type of music licensing that allows the purchaser to pay for the music license only once and to use the music for as long as desired.

A creative commons license is a license issued by the copyright owner to allow anyone in the world to use his or her copyright work in any manner consistent with that license. Creative Commons licenses are essentially standard form license agreements that can be attached to a work to enable its use under certain circumstances without the need to contact the author or negotiate terms of use.

Yes! You can upload any of your music files. Open the Upload menu at the top left. Then click the Upload file button and choose the file you want to upload.

To adjust the volume of the music, tap the audio item in the timeline and tap the “volume” button. Use the volume slider to adjust. To adjust the volume of your video clip’s audio, tap the video clip in the timeline, and select the “volume” button. Adjust the volume as needed!

Yes, you can use multiple music tracks in the same video. Simply click on the "Audio" button - "Music" section, and select the additional music tracks you want to use. You can then adjust the volume and placement of each music track as desired in the timeline.


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