A fast, AI-powered alternative to Opus Clip to make top-notch videos

Submagic is a tool like Opus Clip designed for content creators and businesses, to create dynamic edits for your videos.  

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Create an engaging video the easy way

Transform your audience into fans with video edits that will never get old - At Submagic, we study video trends to provide you with the best features!

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Use Submagic for every kind of video

For shorts, tiktoks, reels, ads, or long-form videos, our AI will adapt each edit to your video format!

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Find a plan adapted to your needs

Are you a business producing videos in bulk? Or a content creator creating content a few times a month? Well, Submagic has at least one plan adapted to you!

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Ssemble in action

‍Ssemble and Opus Pro are both efficient video editors that make your videos shine. Are you now wondering if Ssemble is the best platform for your needs? Watch this video, because you’ll realize it is!


— Feared Media

Ssemble distinguishes itself with its cutting-edge AI technology, which produces precise and visually stunning captions. However, the auto B-roll feature is by far my favorite aspect of Ssemble.

This feature significantly reduces my workload and accelerates the editing process. Ssemble's seamless incorporation of auto-zoom, transitions, and sound effects further enhances the video quality, making it a superior choice for content creators compared to other options like Opus.

Why creators choose Ssemble over Opus

Utilize a single software for all your video editing needs. 👊

Compared to other alternatives, all editing features your need are on one platform, saving you time and money.

Utilize a single software for all your video editing needs. 👊

Compared to other alternatives, all editing features your need are on one platform, saving you time and money.

Utilize a single software for all your video editing needs. 👊

Compared to other alternatives, all editing features your need are on one platform, saving you time and money.

Utilize a single software for all your video editing needs. 👊

Compared to other alternatives, all editing features your need are on one platform, saving you time and money.

Submagic vs Opus Clip: Which editing software is right for me?

Do you need help deciding which editing tool is right for you?


If you’re new to video content editing, it’s a fair question to ask. And here’s an honest comparison:


Both Submagic and Opus Clip are AI-powered video editing software.


Unlike other video editing tools, Submagic and Opus Clip are “one-click,” which means exactly what it sounds. With one click, you can edit most of your video, saving you significant time.


Let’s compare and contrast both editing tools to help you decide between Submagic and Opus clips.



Performance and Speed

Winner: Submagic

‍As a video content creator, you need an editing tool with top-notch performance and speed. Which video editing software is best for you depends on the type of content that you create.


Submagic is the go-to editing tool for short-form content, and its performance proves it. If your video is one minute long, it only takes about thirty seconds to upload to the Submagic editor. From there, you can use the one-click editing options to edit your video fully in five minutes or less.


Oh, and we’re not trying to brag, but if you experience any issues, our Submagic team is committed to resolving them promptly. Seriously. 24/7.


On the other hand, Opus Clip is excellent for converting long-form content into several short-form videos. Since you’ll need to upload long-form content to the software, your video can take several minutes to upload to the editing software. It just depends on the size of your video.

Online Reviews

Winner: Submagic

If you’re one of those people who spends a lot of time reading reviews before you make a purchase, look no further. We’ve got you covered.


Submagic and Opus Clips have similar reviews on Product Hunt and other websites. But some reviews, like the Submagic reviews, are better than others. Let’s look at some examples.


Check out this review from Vincent for Opus Clip:

‍“I see the potential of this tool, but it still requires a lot of manual work to correct the captions. One feature I’m missing is the possibility to delete some clips in the edits that have been generated. This is pretty essential when there are whole sections of clips that are irrelevant to the overall short that was generated.”


Now compare that to the review from Lucas for Submagic:

“Just got hands-on with Submagic and it’s a game-changer for captioning my SFC. With its AI-powered tech, it automates the captioning process, saving me tons of time and effort. Its multi-language support is on-point, and the user interface is a breeze. For anyone dealing with UGCs, YT Shorts & TikToks, Submagic is definitely a must-have tool!”


It’s clear that Submagic is the winner here, especially regarding auto-generated captioning.

Ease of Use

Winner: Both!

Video content creation is full-time, but that doesn’t mean you must spend countless hours editing your content. The right editing software is easy to use and will save you valuable time for other things, like interacting with your fans and filming more fun content.


Both Submagic and Opus Clip are easy to use. Both editing tools have an intuitive interface, meaning searching for multiple “how to” guides online is unnecessary.


But Submagic? It’s easy for anyone to use, from inexperienced video editors to professional influencers. All of the Submagic features are so easy to understand that you’ll have the hang of it


Winner: Opus Clip

Cost is also a significant factor in dedication and is the best video editing tool for you. For a starter plan, you can expect to spend around $9 monthly for Opus Clip.

With the $9/month subscription, you get perks like:

– Up to 150 processing minutes per month
– AI-animated captions in 20+ languages
– AI clipping with Virality Score
– Auto post to YouTube Shorts, TikTok, IG Reels, or download your content
– The ability to remove the watermark

A starter plan for Submagic costs $14 a month. With this subscription, you get:

– 20 videos a month
– No watermark
– AI auto-captions
– Free B-Roll footage
– Trimming abilities AI-generated description
– Unlimited collaboration with users

Although Submagic is more expensive, you can be sure the quality is worth the cost. Submagic’s advanced editing features are top-notch, and our care team is available 24/7 to help you whenever an issue arises.

With Submagic, you’ll always find a plan that fits your needs, no matter the type of content you create or how many videos you edit.

Collaboration Tools
Winner: Submagic
Creating and managing video content for your brand doesn’t have to be a one-person job. The more creative minds you have on your content team, the better.

That’s why Submagic allows unlimited collaborators on your account– no matter which pricing plan you choose. And Submagic’s collaboration allows for version control and cloud-based storage, making it easy to collaborate with your team.

Compared that to Opus Clip. With Opus Clip, you’re only allowed two collaborators per account on the Pro Plan. With the Starter plan, you’re working solo.

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